So who are we?

We're Village Productions, a 27 year old London/Essex based creative studio providing audio; video post-production services to international clients for TV; the Web. In our time we've completed over 1500 episodes for international broadcast.

As well as a post-production company, we are a successful team of UI developers with a growing portfolio. With our understanding and experience in digital media, we provide the creative needs of mobile application developers.

What do we do?

UI Development

Whatever your business might be, start-up or enterprise, consumer or business-focused, online or offline, we can help with defining, refining and guiding your application project. There’s an app for everything, but the apps that stand out from the rest are the ones that merge great user interface and visual graphics to create an effortless experience.

This isn’t about making things look nice; they also have to be practical. That is where we come in. We aim to design attractive interfaces that don’t compromise functionality and work with you to build a system that captialises on your most important asset. Your time. A well designed layout will save your users time on having to master the application before they can get the benefit out of it.


We offer post-production services for TV; Video production for broadcast or the web. We've got over 20 years experience working as content-producers and as well as offering post - production services to the entertainment industry.

We take a project and nurture it, we use our long history and experience in the industry to deliver fast results, from concept to final delivery. We offer a complete Audio Post service. We take a brief - cast actors, direct, record and deliver, within budget and on time.

Our Services

Video Services

• Broadcasting editing
• Green screen filming and FX
• Motion graphics
• Graphic design
• Video editing
• DVD & Blu Ray

UI Development

• Consulting
• Design
• Development
• Animations
• Promotional ads
• In-house Graphic

Audio Services

• Script translation & adaptation
• Casting
• Dubbing direction
• Pre/post-sync voice dubbing
• Broadcast mixing & mastering


• Online video production
• Online branding and marketing
• Graphic design
• Web design & online presence